Start this quiz and answer these questions about Infection Control Policies in an organization. If you’re working in the health care industry or are at least trying to pursue a career in that field, then one thing you’ll need to know about above almost all other topics is how a person can prevent the spread of infection. Bacteria and viruses are serious business, and if not treated with respect, can ultimately be fatal to whoever happens to be exposed to them. Can you comply with infection control policies? Take the quiz to find out!

5 Sample Questions

What does sterile mean when we are discussing infection control?

  • A. incapable of becoming pregnant or of inducing pregnancy.
  • B. free from living bacteria and other micro-organisms.
  • C. to rid of microorganisms potentially harmful to man, esp by chemical means.

Which of the following is NOT a common area where infection might arise in a health care environment:

  • A. Unwashed hands after toileting.
  • B. Unwashed hands before preparing food
  • C. Coming to work when showing symptoms of an infectious disease.
  • D. Coming to work after treatment for cancer.

What does risk-prone mean?

  • A. Having a tendency to cause a situation where harm is likely.
  • B. Lying down face first in a hazardous place.
  • C. Someone who is clumsy.

Which of the following procedures could be considered risk-prone? (more that one response)

  • A. Taking a blood sample from someone who has been diagnosed with a blood borne disease.
  • B. Cleaning the toilet of someone who has been diagnosed with cholera.
  • C. Taking a client with Hiv Aids out to lunch.

Which of the following would be the best way to dispose of infectious waste following the cleaning of an infected wound in a hospital setting?.

  • A. Throw the bandages in the bin beside the bed for the cleaners to collect at the end of the day.
  • B. Place the bandages in the red and yellow sharps container with the "contaminated waste" symbol on it
  • C. Place the bandages in a sealed yellow bag with the black "contaminated waste" symbol on it and take to the segregated waste control area.

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