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Computer is a _____________ 

Answer: Machine
The correct answer is "Machine" because a computer is a device that can perform various tasks by executing a set of instructions or programs. It is a combination of hardware components such as a processor, memory, and input/output devices that work together to process data and perform calculations. While a computer can access the internet and display content on a TV, these options are not the primary function of a computer. Therefore, the most accurate description of a computer is a machine.

C.U. means 

Answer: Control Unit
The correct answer is "Control Unit." C.U. typically stands for Control Unit in the context of computer systems. The Control Unit is responsible for directing and coordinating the activities of all the other hardware components in a computer. It manages the execution of instructions, controls data flow, and ensures that all operations are carried out in the correct sequence.

To erase the letter ''P'' we must press the ____________ on the keyboard. 

Answer: Backspace key
The backspace key is used to erase the letter "P" in this scenario. When we press the backspace key, it deletes the character before the cursor, which in this case is the letter "P". The spacebar is used to insert a space, the enter key is used to create a new line or execute a command, and the delete key is used to remove the character after the cursor. Therefore, the correct option to erase the letter "P" is the backspace key.

To erase the letter ''U'' we must press the R

Answer: Delete key
To erase the letter "U," we need to press the Delete key. The Delete key is specifically designed to remove characters that are to the right of the cursor position. Pressing the Delete key will delete the character at the cursor's position and shift the remaining characters to the left. This action effectively erases the letter "U" from the text. The Enter key is used to create a new line or execute a command, the Tab key is used to move the cursor to the next tab stop, and the Backspace key is used to delete the character to the left of the cursor.

This device makes the computer work for some time when power supply goes off. What is the name of this device?

Answer: U.P.S.
A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a device that provides backup power to a computer or other electronic devices when the main power supply is interrupted. It ensures that the computer can continue to work for a period of time, typically long enough to save any unsaved work and safely shut down the system.
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