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This cup of tea is _ _ _ _ _ _(hot) than that cup of coffee.

Answer: Hotter
The correct answer is "hotter" because it is the comparative form of the adjective "hot." The sentence is comparing the level of heat between the cup of tea and the cup of coffee, implying that the tea has a higher temperature than the coffee.

This shirt is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (expensive)shirt in the shop.

Answer: The most expensive
The correct answer is "the most expensive" because it follows the correct comparative form for adjectives of more than two syllables. When comparing the degree of expense between items, we use the superlative form "the most" followed by the adjective "expensive." The other options, such as "the expensivest," "more expensive," and "expensiver," do not follow the correct grammatical structure for making comparisons.

Ahmed is 65 kg, and Ali is 50 kg, so Ahmed is _ _ _ _ _ _ (heavy)Ali.

Answer: Heavier than
Ahmed weighs 65 kg, which is more than Ali's weight of 50 kg. Therefore, Ahmed is heavier than Ali.

Both Ahmed and Ali got the full mark, so we can say that Ahmed is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (clever)Ali.

Answer: As clever as
Since both Ahmed and Ali got the full mark, it implies that they both have the same level of intelligence or cleverness. Therefore, we can say that Ahmed is "as clever as" Ali. This phrase indicates that both individuals possess equal intelligence or cleverness.

Home is always _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(comfortable) work.

Answer: More comfortable than
The correct answer is "more comfortable than" because it follows the comparative form of the adjective "comfortable." When comparing two things, we use the structure "more + adjective + than." In this case, we are comparing "home" with "work" and stating that home is "more comfortable than" work.

Ahmed always tells the truth. He is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (honest)person I have ever met.

Answer: Most honest
The sentence states that Ahmed always tells the truth. Based on this information, the correct answer is "most honest" because it indicates that Ahmed is the most honest person the speaker has ever met. The phrase "most honest" implies that there is no one else who is more honest than Ahmed.

Rabbits are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(fast) than turtles. 

Answer: Faster
Rabbits are faster than turtles because they have long hind legs adapted for running and escaping predators. They are known for their agility and speed, allowing them to cover large distances quickly. On the other hand, turtles are known for their slow movement due to their heavy and protective shells. This makes rabbits the correct answer for being faster than turtles.

Physics is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (difficult)subject  in high school.

Answer: Most difficult
Physics is considered the most difficult subject in high school because it involves complex concepts and mathematical calculations. It requires a deep understanding of fundamental principles and the ability to apply them to various real-world situations. Additionally, physics often requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students may find it challenging to grasp the abstract concepts and equations involved in physics, making it the most difficult subject in high school.

Everybody likes Smith. He is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _(cool) person in the company.

Answer: Coolest
The given sentence states that everybody likes Smith, implying that he is well-liked and popular among his colleagues. The phrase "coolest person in the company" suggests that Smith is the most admired and respected individual in the workplace, making him the correct answer.

Elephants are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (big)than horses. 

Answer: Bigger
Elephants are described as "bigger" than horses. This means that elephants have a larger size or greater dimensions compared to horses.

This movie is 4 hours long. This is the _ _ _ _ _ _  (long)movie I have ever seen.

Answer: Longest
The given question is asking for the word that completes the sentence correctly. The sentence states that the movie is 4 hours long, and the word that best fits in the blank is "longest." This is because "longest" is the superlative form of the adjective "long," which is used to compare three or more things. It indicates that the movie is the most long in comparison to any other movies the person has seen.

Smith always gets full marks. He is _ _ _ _ _ _ _  (good) student in the class.

Answer: The best
Smith always gets full marks, indicating that he consistently performs exceptionally well. Therefore, he can be described as "the best" student in the class, surpassing all others in terms of academic achievement.

Love is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(important) money. 

Answer: More important than
The correct answer is "more important than." This phrase suggests that love holds a higher level of importance or value compared to money. It implies that love is considered to be of greater significance or priority in one's life than material wealth.

Sara is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (beautiful) girl in the class.

Answer: Most beautiful
The correct answer is "most beautiful" because it is the superlative form of the adjective "beautiful." In this sentence, Sara is being compared to all the other girls in the class, and she is considered to be the most beautiful among them. 

ِSmith is 180 cm tall, and Ross is 160 cm tall, so Smith is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(tall) Ross.

Answer: Taller than
Smith is 180 cm tall and Ross is 160 cm tall, so Smith is "taller than" Ross. This means that Smith's height is greater than Ross's height.
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