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When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my books__________ the table.

Answer: Off
The correct answer is "off". This preposition indicates that the books need to be removed or taken away from the table before dinner that way, plates and food could be eaten there. 

Every weekend, we put the trash can ________________ for garbage collection.

Answer: Out
The correct answer is "out" because it indicates that we place the trash can outside of our house or property for garbage collection. This is a common practice where the trash is collected from the designated spot outside the house.

You have to leave your shoes ______________the door when you enter the hous

Answer: By
When entering the house, it is customary to leave your shoes by the door. This means that you should place your shoes next to or near the entrance. The word "by" indicates the location where the shoes should be left, suggesting that they should be placed in close proximity to the door.

It was a long walk, so he began moving slowly ________________ the town.

Answer: Towards
The correct answer is "towards" because it indicates the direction in which he started moving slowly. "For" would imply that he was moving slowly for the town, which doesn't make sense in this context. "Until" would imply that he started moving slowly until he reached the town, which also doesn't fit the sentence. "At" would imply that he started moving slowly at the town, which doesn't convey the intended meaning.

David cleaned his room by stuffing everything _________________his bed.

Answer: Under
David cleaned his room by stuffing everything under his bed. This implies that David placed all the items in his room beneath his bed in order to tidy up the space and hide the mess.

We often go fishing __________________ the river bank.

Answer: Along
This sentence suggests that when we go fishing, we do so in proximity to the river bank. The word "along" indicates movement or direction parallel to the bank, implying that we fish while staying close to it.

The lecture will be held right ______________ the tutorial.

Answer: Before
The lecture will be held right before the tutorial. This means that the lecture will take place prior to the tutorial, indicating that the lecture will be scheduled to occur earlier in time than the tutorial.

He was caught by the teacher for cheating ________________the exam.

Answer: During
The correct answer is "during" because it indicates that the person was caught while the exam was still ongoing.

John needs to submit the report _________ his boss before 5 pm.

Answer: To
The correct answer is "to" because it indicates the intended recipient of the report, which is John's boss. The preposition "to" is commonly used to show direction or movement towards a specific person or place. In this case, John needs to submit the report to his boss before 5 pm, implying that the report is meant for the boss.

Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence: "She placed the book ______ the shelf."

Answer: On
The appropriate preposition for the sentence is "on." It conveys the action of placing the book in a position supported by the shelf's surface.

Kathleen apologized ________________ her brother’s poor behaviour.

Answer: For
The correct answer is "for". "For" is used to indicate the reason or cause for an action, in this case, Kathleen is apologizing for her brother's poor behavior.

There is no doubt that Adam is very good ___________ telling jokes.

Answer: At
The correct answer is "at". This preposition is used to indicate skill or ability in doing something. In this case, it means that Adam is very skilled or proficient in telling jokes.

These dresses were ____________ sale last week.

Answer: On
The word "on" is the correct answer because it is used to indicate a specific time or date when something happened or will happen. In this case, the dresses were on sale last week, indicating that the sale occurred during that specific period of time.

There is a bridge _____________ the river.

Answer: Across
The correct answer is "across" because it indicates that the bridge is spanning or extending over the river, connecting one side to the other. "Near" suggests proximity but does not imply that the bridge is actually over the river. "On" implies that the bridge is located on top of the river, which is not possible. "Along" suggests that the bridge is running parallel to the river, rather than crossing it.

Amanda hasn’t seen her older sister _______________ last April.

Answer: Since
The correct answer is "since" because it indicates that Amanda hasn't seen her older sister starting from April and continuing until the present time.

In the sentence "The cat jumped ______ the table," what is the correct preposition to fill in the blank?

Answer: Over
The correct preposition in this context is "over." It indicates the direction of the cat's jump above the table.

Julia came all the way _______________ Russia to see her family.

Answer: From
The correct answer is "from". This is because the sentence suggests that Julia traveled a long distance to reach her family, indicating that she came "from" Russia.

The detective chased the killer ______________ the streets.

Answer: Through
The correct answer is "through." This preposition indicates movement from one side or end to the other. In this context, it suggests that the detective pursued the killer by moving along the streets.

Ai Ling is worried ________the test because she thinks that she will fail it.

Answer: About
“About” is correct here because the preposition “about” as a preposition indicates the subject of a thought, feeling or action. “Worried” is a feeling in this sentence.

Jeanne was texting her sister ___________the teacher was teaching.

Answer: While
The correct answer is "while". This is because "while" is used to indicate that two actions are happening at the same time. In this case, Jeanne was texting her sister at the same time that the teacher was teaching.
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