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  A __________knowledge is a dangerous thing.   

Answer: Little
Having little knowledge can be dangerous because it can lead to overconfidence and ignorance. When someone has only a small amount of knowledge on a subject, they may think they know more than they actually do, which can result in making incorrect decisions or taking unnecessary risks. Additionally, having little knowledge can prevent someone from fully understanding the complexities of a situation, leading to potential harm or negative consequences.

The manager said ,"Mind ________business."

Answer: Your
The correct answer is "your". In this sentence, the manager is instructing someone to focus on their own business or affairs. The word "your" is possessive, indicating that the manager is referring to the individual's personal matters rather than someone else's or a group's.

There was hardly _______milk in the bowl.

Answer: Any
The word "hardly" indicates a scarcity or lack of something. In this sentence, it suggests that there was a very small amount of milk in the bowl. The word "any" is used to refer to an indefinite or unspecified amount, which fits the context of the sentence.

My father is ________ honorable man.

Answer: An
The correct answer is "an". In this sentence, the word "honorable" starts with a vowel sound, so we use "an" before it instead of "a".

Copper is _______useful metal.

Answer: A
The correct answer is "a". The word "a" is used before a noun to indicate that the noun is one of a group or type. In this case, "a" is used before the noun "useful" to indicate that copper is one of many useful metals.

Honest men speak ________ truth.

Answer: The
The correct answer is "the". In this sentence, "the" is used as a definite article to refer to a specific truth. It indicates that honest men speak a particular truth, emphasizing its importance and uniqueness.

This is _________ best book of Elementary Chemistry.

Answer: The
The word "the" is the correct answer because it is used to refer to a specific noun, in this case, "book." It indicates that the speaker is referring to a particular book out of all the books of Elementary Chemistry.

You are the only teacher who is __________MA.

Answer: An
The correct answer is "an" because it is used before words that begin with a vowel sound. In this case, "MA" is pronounced with the sound of the letter "e," which is a vowel sound, so "an" is the appropriate article to use.

___________ cinema hall did you go last night?

Answer: Which
The question is asking about a specific cinema hall visited last night. The word "which" is used to inquire about a choice or selection among a limited number of options. In this case, the question is asking for the specific cinema hall out of a possible set of options. Therefore, "which" is the correct answer as it best fits the context and meaning of the question.

__________ words spoken in earnest will convince him.

Answer: A few
A few words spoken in earnest will convince him. This means that only a small number of sincere words are needed to persuade him. The phrase "a few" implies that the quantity of words required is not large, but still enough to have an impact.

___________ of the two boys has won a prize.

Answer: Each
The word "each" is used to refer to every individual in a group or a pair. In this case, it implies that both boys have won a prize individually, indicating that both of them have achieved success.

___________ that glitters is not gold.

Answer: All
The phrase "All that glitters is not gold" is a well-known saying that means not everything that appears valuable or attractive is actually valuable or reliable. In this context, the word "All" is the correct answer because it reinforces the idea that every shiny or glittery thing should not be assumed to be valuable.

___________ people lost their lives in the tsunami.

Answer: Many
The word "many" suggests a large number of people, indicating that a significant number of individuals lost their lives in the tsunami. This implies that the tsunami had a devastating impact and resulted in a high casualty count.

________book is very interesting.

Answer: This
The word "this" is used to refer to a specific object or item that is close to the speaker or that has been previously mentioned in the conversation. In the sentence "This book is very interesting," the word "this" is used to indicate that the speaker is talking about a particular book that is in their immediate vicinity or one that has been previously discussed. It helps to specify and identify the book in question, making the sentence clear and coherent.

___________ sugar she had, she gave to her neighbor. 

Answer: The little
The correct answer is "The little". This answer suggests that the subject had a small amount of sugar and gave it to her neighbor. The other options, "Many," "A few," and "Large," imply larger quantities of sugar, which contradicts the idea of giving only a small amount.

He has got ________ friends than his sister.

Answer: More
The correct answer is "more" because it is used to compare quantities, indicating that he has a greater number of friends than his sister.

There are shady trees on _________ side of the road.

Answer: Either
The word "either" is the correct answer because it implies that there are shady trees on both sides of the road. It suggests that the road is lined with trees on both sides, providing shade for anyone walking or driving along it.

She comes to me _________ day.

Answer: Every
The correct answer is "every" because it is the only option that makes sense grammatically and contextually. The sentence suggests that someone comes to the speaker on a regular basis, indicating a repeated action. "Every" is used to describe recurring events or intervals, making it the most appropriate choice in this case.

__________ books lie scattered in the room.

Answer: Her
The correct answer is "Her." The word "books" is a plural noun, so it requires a possessive pronoun that indicates ownership. "Her" is the correct possessive pronoun in this case and indicates ownership by a female.

__________ dish you prepared was very delicious.

Answer: The
In this sentence, the word "dish" is a singular noun, so it requires a determiner before it. "The" is the correct determiner to use here because it refers to a specific dish that the speaker is referring to.
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