Hardest Pokemon Trivia Questions And Answers

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Which is the only Pokemon that has the special ability to devolve?

Answer: Slowbro
Slowbro is the only Pokemon that has the special ability to devolve. Devolution is the opposite of evolution, where a Pokemon reverts back to its previous form. Slowbro has the unique ability to devolve into Slowpoke when exposed to a certain item called the "King's Rock." This ability sets Slowbro apart from the other Pokemon listed, as they do not possess the capability to devolve.

Into which Pokémon does Pupitar evolve?

Answer: Tyranitar
Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar.

The word 'Pokémon' is an abbreviation of the Japanese term 'Poketto Monsutā. What is the meaning of this word?

Answer: Pocket Monsters
The word 'Pokémon' is derived from the Japanese term 'Poketto Monsutā', which translates to 'Pocket Monsters'. This term refers to the concept of capturing and collecting various creatures, known as Pokémon, in small capsules or Poké Balls, and using them to battle against each other. The term 'Pocket Monsters' accurately describes the essence of the Pokémon franchise, as players are encouraged to catch and train these creatures in their pockets, much like having portable pets or monsters.

Which of the following is the name of a legendary bird?

Answer: Ho-oh
Ho-oh is the correct answer because it is indeed the name of a legendary bird in the Pokémon franchise. Ho-oh is a Fire/Flying type Pokémon known for its majestic appearance and powerful abilities. It is often associated with the legendary Pokémon Lugia and is regarded as a symbol of hope and happiness in the Pokémon world.

Which Pokemon has the ability Static?

Answer: Pikachu
Pikachu has the ability Static. The Static ability means that when a Pokémon with this ability is hit by a move that requires physical contact, there's a chance that the attacking Pokémon will become paralyzed. Pikachu, being an Electric-type Pokémon, possesses this ability.

Which Pokémon has the highest base stat total?

Answer: Arceus
Arceus, known as the "Alpha Pokémon," boasts the highest base stat total of 720. Its versatility and power across various stats make it a formidable force in battles, earning its status as the most potent Pokémon.

What is the only Fire/Water dual-type Pokémon?

Answer: Volcanion
Volcanion stands as the singular Fire/Water dual-type Pokémon. Its unique typing, combining both elements, sets it apart in battles, offering a diverse set of resistances and moves, making it a strategic choice for trainers.

What is true about obtaining shiny forms of Legendary Pokémon, including Zamazenta, Zacian, Eternatus, Kubfu, and Urshifu, in the Pokémon series?

Answer: None of the above
Shiny Legendary Pokémon are not typically readily available in the wild; they are rare and often require a lot of effort or luck to encounter. Not all Legendary Pokémon can be caught as shinies without cheating; in some games, certain Legendaries are "shiny locked," meaning they cannot be legitimately found in their shiny forms during normal gameplay. While it's true that some shiny forms of Legendary Pokémon are obtainable via event distributions, this isn't the only method to obtain shinies for all Legendary Pokémon, hence the correct answer is "None of the above."

What move has the highest base power in Pokémon?

Answer: Explosion
Explosion holds the title for the move with the highest base power in Pokémon, boasting an impressive 250. This powerful move sacrifices the user, unleashing a devastating burst that can turn the tide of battles when strategically employed.

In terms of base experience points gained from defeating it, which Pokémon yields the most experience points?

Answer: Blissey
Blissey, the Happiness Pokémon, yields the highest base experience points when defeated. Its generous experience rewards make it a sought-after choice for training Pokémon, contributing to its popularity in the Pokémon gaming community.
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