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Elisabeth reads an article on common computer terminology. She does not understand the meaning of the operating system. She comes to you for help. How will you explain the operating system to Elisabeth?

Answer: A program that controls and manages the computer.
The operating system is a program that is responsible for controlling and managing the computer. It acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer hardware, allowing the user to interact with the computer and run different software applications. It manages tasks such as memory allocation, file management, and device drivers, ensuring that the computer operates smoothly and efficiently.

Tom notices that when he runs several programs simultaneously on his computer, the performance of the programs slows down considerably. What is the reason for this?

Answer: Insufficient random access memory (RAM)
When running several programs simultaneously, the computer's performance can slow down significantly if there is insufficient random access memory (RAM). RAM is a type of computer memory that is used to temporarily store data that the computer is actively using. When there is not enough RAM to handle the demands of multiple programs, the computer may start using virtual memory, which is much slower and can lead to performance issues. Therefore, the lack of sufficient RAM is the likely reason for the slowdown in this scenario.

Your sister travels to another country for an on-site business project. You want to tell her about your new job by sending her an e-mail message from your computer. Which of the following devices will you use to connect your computer to the Internet?

Answer: Modem
To connect your computer to the Internet and send an email message, you would use a modem. A modem is a device that converts digital signals from your computer into analog signals that can be transmitted over telephone lines or cable lines. It allows your computer to communicate with the Internet service provider (ISP) and establish an Internet connection. The modem is essential for transmitting data to and from your computer, enabling you to access the Internet and send emails.

Morten wants to play a game online. He hears modem tones every time his computer sends a request to the Internet service provider (ISP) to establish an Internet connection. What type of Internet connection does Morten use?

Answer: Dial-up
Morten uses a dial-up internet connection. This is indicated by the fact that he hears modem tones when his computer sends a request to the ISP. Dial-up connections use a modem and a telephone line to establish a connection to the internet, and the modem tones are the sound of the modem negotiating the connection. Dial-up connections are slower and less reliable than broadband or WiFi connections.

You want to know more about active volcanoes in the world. You connect your computer to the Internet to find information based on the keyword "active volcanoes." Which of the following features of the World Wide Web (WWW) will you use?

Answer: Search engine
You will use a search engine to find information about active volcanoes in the world. Search engines are designed to help users find specific information by searching the internet based on keywords or phrases. By entering the keyword "active volcanoes," the search engine will provide a list of relevant websites, articles, and resources related to the topic. This will enable you to access a wide range of information about active volcanoes from various sources on the World Wide Web.

Eric teaches his daughter Tina how to work with productivity programs. Tina notices a small blinking bar that stays in place until Eric clicks the mouse in a new location in the document. Tina wants to know the name of this blinking bar. Which of the following terms will Eric use to answer Tina's question?

Answer: Insertion point
Eric will use the term "insertion point" to answer Tina's question.

Markus creates a document by using Microsoft® Office Word 2010 and saves it with the name Office.docx. Which of the following components of Word 2010 will display the document name?

Answer: Title bar
The title bar in Microsoft Office Word 2010 displays the name of the document. This is where the user can see the name of the document they are currently working on, in this case, "Office.docx". The title bar is located at the top of the Word window and provides important information about the document, such as its name and the program being used.

Stephan creates a business presentation by using Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2010. He saves it with the name Presentation.ppt. Stephan opens the file to make some changes, and he wants to save it with a different name.   Which of the following commands on the File menu will Stephan use to save the file with a different name?

Answer: Save As
Stephan will use the "Save As" command on the File menu to save the file with a different name. This command allows him to create a new copy of the presentation with a different name, while still keeping the original file intact. By selecting "Save As," Stephan can specify a new name and location for the file, ensuring that any changes he makes are saved separately from the original version.

Barbara wants to create a newsletter. She needs a program that provides several newsletter templates.   Which of the following programs will meet her needs?

Answer: Desktop publishing program
A desktop publishing program would meet Barbara's needs because it provides several newsletter templates that she can use to create her newsletter. This type of program is specifically designed for creating and designing publications, such as newsletters, and offers a variety of templates and tools to assist with the layout, formatting, and design of the newsletter.

You create a presentation by using newer versions of PowerPoint.   Which of the following toolbars will you use to add geometric shapes to the presentation?  

Answer: Illustrations
To add geometric shapes to a presentation in newer versions of PowerPoint, you would use the Shapes command in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab. After clicking on the Shapes command, a drop-down menu of shapes will appear. You can then select the desired shape and click and drag in the desired location to add the shape to your slide. You can also add text, bullets, and numbering to the shapes and change their fill, outline, and other effects on the Format tab.

Paula manages the recruitments for A. Datum Corporation. The company hires 500 employees. Paula needs to store on her computer the personal details, compensation structure, and insurance details for each employee.   Which of the following programs will Paula use?

Answer: Database program
Paula needs to store a large amount of personal details, compensation structure, and insurance details for each employee. This requires a program that can efficiently organize and manage this information. Microsoft® Notepad is a simple text editor and is not suitable for storing and managing large amounts of data. A photo editing program and presentation program are also not designed for this purpose. A database program, on the other hand, is specifically designed to store, organize, and manage large amounts of data, making it the most suitable choice for Paula's needs.

Any computer part that you can touch is considered to be:

Answer: Hardware
Computer parts that can be physically touched, such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and CPU, are referred to as hardware. Hardware encompasses all the tangible components of a computer system that can be seen and manipulated. This distinguishes it from software, which refers to the programs and data that run on the hardware. Systems and platforms are broader terms that encompass both hardware and software components, so they are not specific to the physical components alone.

The _____________ shows what files and applications are open.

Answer: Taskbar
The taskbar is a horizontal bar located at the bottom of the screen in the Windows operating system. It displays various icons for open files and applications, allowing users to easily switch between them. The taskbar also shows a preview of the open windows when hovering over the icons, providing a quick overview of what is currently open. Therefore, the taskbar is the correct answer as it accurately describes its function of showing open files and applications.
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