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Jono   : ____________ is your name? Johny : My name is Johny.

Answer: What
The correct answer is "What". In this conversation, Jono is asking for Johny's name, which is a question that requires the word "What".

Mr. Zaka    : _________________ are you late? Sayyaf: I am late because I woke up late.

Answer: Why
The question is asking for the reason behind Mr. Zaka being late. Sayyaf's response of "I am late because I woke up late" provides an explanation for why he is late.

Which of the following sentences has the correct use of capital letters?

Answer: My name is Kiko.
The sentence "My name is Kiko." makes the correct use of capital letters. The first letter of the sentence is capitalized, as well as the first letter of the proper noun "Kiko." The other options either have incorrect capitalization or do not follow the standard rules of capitalizing proper nouns.

I like playing soccer.  There are ___________ syllables in the sentence above.

Answer: 6
The sentence "I like playing soccer" has six syllables. "I" has one syllable, "like" has one syllable, "play" has one syllable, "ing" has one syllable, "soc" has one syllable, and "cer" has one syllable. Therefore, the total number of syllables in the sentence is six.

He is sick.The past tense of the sentence above is ____________________________________ .

Answer: He was sick.
The correct answer is "He was sick." The sentence is in the present tense, indicating that the person is currently sick. To change it to the past tense, we need to use the past tense form of the verb "to be," which is "was" for the singular pronoun "he."

My teeth are ___ sharp as knife.

Answer: As
The correct answer is "as" because it is used to compare the sharpness of the speaker's teeth to that of a knife. The word "as" is commonly used in similes to show similarity or equality between two things. In this case, it suggests that the speaker's teeth are equally sharp to a knife.

Choose the correct joining word in this sentence: What do you like more? Reading Qur'an _______ watching TV?

Answer: Or
The correct joining word in this sentence is "or". This is because "or" is used to present two alternatives or choices, indicating that the person can either like reading Qur'an or watching TV.

The correct order of words in the dictionary is ________________________ .

Answer: Bad - ball - Bangkok - bank
The correct order of words in the dictionary is determined alphabetically. In this case, "bad" comes before "ball" because "d" comes before "l" in the alphabet. "Ball" comes before "Bangkok" because "l" comes before "n" in the alphabet. Finally, "Bangkok" comes before "bank" because "g" comes before "k" in the alphabet. Therefore, the correct order is "bad - ball - Bangkok - bank".

I see a falling airplane yesterday.The verb above is incorrect. The correct one is ________________ .

Answer: Saw
The verb "saw" is the correct one because it is the past tense form of the verb "see." In the given sentence, the speaker is referring to an event that happened in the past, so the past tense verb "saw" is appropriate to describe the action of witnessing the falling airplane.

What is the opposite of the word 'new'?

Answer: Old
The opposite of the word 'new' is 'old'.
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