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By Vikas Bhatia
Vikas Bhatia, Hospitality Professional
Vikas Bhatia is a passionate hospitality professional with 19+ years of diverse experience in luxury properties across Asia, Middle East, Africa, and the Maldives.
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Which department receives orders to deliver food and beverages to the guests' rooms?

Answer: Room Service
Room Service is the department that receives orders to deliver food and beverages to the guests' rooms. This department is responsible for taking and fulfilling food and drink orders from guests who wish to dine in the comfort of their rooms. They ensure that the orders are prepared correctly and delivered promptly to the guests' rooms, providing a convenient and personalized dining experience for the guests.

What should be considered while checking for availability of room?

Answer: Guest request.  
When checking for the availability of a room, it is important to consider guest requests. This means taking into account the specific needs and preferences of the guest, such as room type, amenities, and any special requirements they may have. By prioritizing guest requests, hotels can ensure that they provide a personalized and satisfactory experience for their guests, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Late Night registrations must be handled according to what? 

Answer: Company policy
Late Night registrations must be handled according to Company policy. This means that there are specific guidelines and procedures in place that dictate how late night registrations should be handled. These policies ensure consistency, efficiency, and adherence to any legal or regulatory requirements. By following company policy, organizations can provide a standardized and fair approach to late night registrations, regardless of individual or customer moods, and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to properly handle these registrations.

If preferred room is not available then, what are you suppose to do?

Answer: Allot alternative room
In the given scenario, if the preferred room is not available, the appropriate action to take would be to allot an alternative room to the guest. This means providing them with a different room option that may not be their first choice but is still available. This ensures that the guest is accommodated and provided with a suitable room despite the unavailability of their preferred choice. Asking the guest to leave or telling them about better hotels would not be the correct course of action in this situation.

How much discount should be given to the customer?

Answer: Minimal amount.
The correct answer is "minimal amount." This means that the customer should be given the smallest possible discount, which could be interpreted as the least amount of money or percentage off the original price. This suggests that the discount should be kept to a minimum, implying that the customer should not be given a large or excessive discount.

How items or various products should be stacked?

Answer: In organized manner
Items or various products should be stacked in an organized manner to ensure efficiency and safety. This means arranging them in a systematic and logical way, considering factors such as size, weight, and fragility. Stacking items in an organized manner allows for easier access, minimizes the risk of damage or accidents, and maximizes the use of space. It also facilitates inventory management and helps in identifying and retrieving specific items quickly.

What does Total room sales divided by the number of rooms sold represent?

Answer: Average Daily Rate (ADR)
The average daily rate (ADR) is calculated by dividing the total room sales by the number of rooms sold. This metric provides an indication of the average price at which each room is sold on a daily basis. It helps in determining the overall revenue generated per room per day and is commonly used in the hotel industry to assess the financial performance of a property. The ADR is a key metric for measuring the pricing strategy and profitability of a hotel.

At Check-In time; a confirmed reservation guest is requested to complete_________?

Answer: A Registration Form
At check-in time, a confirmed reservation guest is requested to complete a registration form. This form is used to gather necessary information about the guest, such as their name, contact details, and any special requests or preferences they may have. The registration form helps the hotel staff to efficiently manage the guest's stay and provide personalized services. It also serves as a legal document, ensuring that both the guest and the hotel are aware of the terms and conditions of the stay.

What is the meaning of "CABANA"?

Answer: A room is always adjoining to the swimming pool or have a private pool attached to the room
The meaning of "CABANA" in the context of hotel accommodations is:

A room is always adjoining to the swimming pool or has a private pool attached to the room.

Cabana rooms are often designed for guests who want easy access to a swimming pool or seek a private pool experience. They are typically located near or have direct access to a pool area.

PMS stand for ___________?

Answer: Property Management System
The correct answer is Property Management System. PMS refers to a software or system used for managing and organizing various aspects of property management. It includes functions such as tracking rental payments, scheduling maintenance tasks, managing tenant information, and generating reports. This system helps property owners and managers streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and improve overall property management processes.
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