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Why did Lencho become angry when he counted the money?

Answer: Lencho found only seventy pesos while he had asked for a hundred pesos from God.
Lencho became angry when he counted the money because he found only seventy pesos instead of the hundred pesos he had asked for in his letter to God. The discrepancy between his expectations and the actual amount caused his disappointment and anger.

What did Lencho do?

Answer: Lencho wrote a letter to God.
After a devastating hailstorm destroyed his crops, Lencho wrote a letter to God seeking help. He believed that only divine intervention could save him and his family from starvation. Lencho's faith was so strong that he asked for financial assistance, convinced that God would respond to his plea. This act of writing to God highlights Lencho's deep trust and hope in divine support.

What satisfied Lencho?

Answer: The falling rain
Lencho was satisfied with the falling rain because it was essential for his crops to grow. He viewed the rain as a blessing that would ensure a good harvest, providing him and his family with the food and income they needed. Lencho's deep connection to his land and reliance on the weather for his livelihood made the rain a source of hope and contentment.

What does  'ox' in the chapter mean?

Answer: Hardworking and simple person
In the context of the chapter, 'ox' metaphorically refers to a hardworking and simple person. This comparison is often used to describe individuals who, like an ox, are diligent and dedicated to their work without seeking much recognition or reward. The term emphasizes the person's strength, resilience, and commitment to their tasks, much like the animal's role in agriculture and labor.

What did Lencho have faith in?

Answer: Lencho had faith in God.
Lencho had unwavering faith in God, believing that divine intervention would provide him with the help he needed after his crops were destroyed by a hailstorm. His strong belief led him to write a letter to God, requesting financial assistance. Lencho's faith was so profound that he was certain God would not let him down, highlighting his deep spiritual conviction and reliance on divine support.

In the story "A Letter to God" by Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes, what natural disaster strikes the village?

Answer: Hailstorm 
In the story "A Letter to God," the village is struck by a devastating rain that turned into a hailstorm destroying the season's harvest, which leads the protagonist to write a letter to God seeking help and assistance.

What motivates Lencho to write a letter to God?

Answer: A hailstorm that destroyed his harvest
Lencho writes a letter to God because his harvest was completely destroyed by a hailstorm, leaving him in a state of despair. He believes that God will help him overcome this hardship.

Where was Lencho's house situated?

Answer: In a valley.
Lencho's house was situated in a valley, which provided him with a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. The valley's fertile soil was ideal for farming, which was Lencho's primary occupation. This location was crucial for his livelihood, as it allowed him to grow crops that depended on the seasonal rains. The valley setting also contributed to the dramatic impact of the weather on his farm and life.

What are the raindrops compared to?

Answer: New coins of the money
In the short story "A Letter to God" by Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes, the raindrops are compared to "new coins." The peasant, Lencho, thinks of the raindrops as coins because he believes they will bring him a prosperous harvest, which is like money to him.

What was Lencho's initial reaction when his harvest was destroyed by the hailstorm?

Answer: He became angry and frustrated
Lencho's initial reaction to the destruction of his harvest by the hailstorm was anger and frustration. This is evidenced by his decision to write a letter to God asking for help in recovering from the loss.
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