Grammar Test: Noun Gender Trivia

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Which noun is the masculine counterpart of the bride?

Answer: Groom
The masculine counterpart of the bride is the groom. This term is used to refer to the man who is getting married to the bride.

Which noun completes the analogy "cock is to hen as boar is to ______?

Answer: Sow
The analogy "cock is to hen as boar is to sow" is based on the concept of male and female animals. A cock is a male chicken, and a hen is a female chicken. Similarly, a boar is a male pig, and a sow is a female pig. Therefore, the correct noun to complete the analogy is "sow."

Which gender do ''scientists'' belong to?

Answer: Common
The term "common" in this context refers to a gender that is applicable to both males and females. Therefore, scientists can belong to either gender, making the answer "common" the correct choice.

Which is in the common gender?

Answer: Flight attendant
The term "flight attendant" is in the common gender because it is a gender-neutral job title used to refer to both male and female individuals who provide services on an airplane. Unlike the terms "steward" and "stewardess," which are traditionally associated with male and female roles respectively, "flight attendant" is inclusive and does not specify a gender. Therefore, it is the correct answer in this context.

What is the female counterpart of gander?

Answer: Goose
The female counterpart of a gander is a goose. A gander is a male goose, so the female equivalent is simply referred to as a goose.

The gender of the noun ''prophet' is

Answer: Common
The gender of the noun "prophet" is common. This means that the noun can be used to refer to both male and female individuals who are considered prophets. In English, there is no specific gender assigned to the noun "prophet" and it can be used to refer to individuals of any gender.

What was the gender of the first president of the United States of America?

Answer: Masculine
The first president of the United States of America was George Washington, who was a male. Therefore, the gender of the first president is masculine.

The gender of the noun ''cell phone" is

Answer: Neuter
 In grammar, nouns are categorized into different genders, such as masculine, feminine, neuter, or common. The gender of a noun is determined by the language's rules and conventions rather than the actual gender of the object it represents. In this case, the noun "cell phone” is inanimate,  therefore, it is considered  a neuter noun.

Which gender does "Pen" belong to?

Answer: Neutral
In linguistics, gender refers to the classification of nouns into categories based on their inherent characteristics. In some languages, nouns are classified as masculine, feminine, or neutral. However, in English, gender is not typically assigned to inanimate objects like "Pen". Therefore, the correct answer is "neutral" as it signifies that "Pen" does not have a specific gender classification.

Which gender do "Doctors" belong to?

Answer: Common
The term "Doctors" belongs to the common gender category. Common gender refers to nouns that can be used to refer to both males and females. In this case, "Doctors" can be used to refer to both male doctors and female doctors.
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