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A: Why wasn't Jennifer at the party on Saturday? B: She _______________ about the date change.

Answer: Hadn't been told
Jennifer wasn't at the party on Saturday because she hadn't been told about the date change. The past perfect tense "hadn't been told" indicates that the lack of information about the date change occurred prior to the party, explaining her absence due to unawareness.

A: Who won the tournament? B: Both teams, they ______________________ for the first place.

Answer: Tied
In response to the question about the tournament winner, option B conveys that both teams achieved the same result, as they tied for first place. The verb "tied" indicates an equal standing, emphasizing the shared victory rather than a singular winner.

______________ it was late, he still called her.

Answer: Though
The word "though" is the correct answer because it is used to show contrast or contradiction. In this sentence, it indicates that despite the lateness of the hour, he still called her. It implies that the lateness of the hour would normally be a reason not to call, but he did so anyway.

Dinner will be ready by the time you _____________ home.

Answer: Come
The correct answer is "come" because the sentence is in the future tense and "come" is the correct verb form to use in this context. It suggests that the dinner will be ready at the moment of the person's arrival home.

I wish I  _________________ that second piece of cake. I had a stomach ache all night long.

Answer: Had not eaten
The correct answer is "had not eaten." This is because the phrase "had not eaten" is in the past perfect tense, indicating that the action of not eating the second piece of cake occurred before the stomach ache. This suggests that if the person had not eaten the second piece of cake, they might not have had a stomach ache.

This soup isn't  ___________________ to eat yet.

Answer: Warm enough
The given correct answer is "warm enough" because it implies that the soup is not at the desired temperature for consumption. It suggests that the soup needs to be warmed more in order to be suitable for eating.

______________ a donation, but she also founded an organization for the homeless.

Answer: Not only did she make
The correct answer is "not only did she make". This answer is grammatically correct and conveys the meaning that the person not only made a donation but also founded an organization for the homeless. The phrase "not only" is used to emphasize that there was an additional action or accomplishment.

Let's ask Nicolas __________________ for his birthday.

Answer: What he wants
The correct answer is "what he wants". This is because the sentence is asking about Nicolas' desires or preferences on his birthday. The phrase "what he wants" is the most appropriate and grammatically correct way to phrase the question.

It is very important that you _________________ on time for the meeting tomorrow.

Answer: Be
The use of "be" in the sentence emphasizes the necessity of punctuality. It conveys a sense of obligation, instructing the listener to ensure they are present on time for the meeting tomorrow, making "be" the appropriate choice for expressing this imperative requirement.

Traveling to a foreign country has _____________ positive and negative aspects.

Answer: Both
Traveling to a foreign country has both positive and negative aspects. This means that there are advantages and disadvantages to traveling to a foreign country. It implies that there are positive aspects such as experiencing new cultures, trying different cuisines, and exploring new places, but there are also negative aspects such as language barriers, cultural differences, and potential safety concerns.

You ________________ have seen Jane at the mall! She is in Canada right now.

Answer: Couldn`t
The correct answer is "couldn't". This is because the sentence suggests that the person being referred to, Jane, is currently in Canada. Therefore, it implies that it was not possible for the person to have seen Jane at the mall.

______________________ in magic?

Answer: Do you believe
The given correct answer is "Do you believe." This is because the question is asking about the person's belief in magic, and the correct way to phrase this question is by using the present simple tense, which is "Do you believe." This form is used to ask about general beliefs or opinions.

Thanks for calling! I look forward __________________________ you soon.

Answer: To seeing
"I look forward to seeing you soon" expresses anticipation. The phrase "to seeing" is the correct gerund form, indicating the expectation of a future meeting. It conveys a friendly sentiment, implying eagerness and a positive outlook towards the prospect of seeing the person soon.

Mike's house was ______________________ last night. Someone spray painted on his front door.

Answer: Vandalized
The correct answer is "vandalized". This means that someone sprayed paint on Mike's front door, causing damage to his property. It implies an act of intentional destruction or defacement.

Certain gas emissions negatively affect the ozone ________________.

Answer: Layer
Certain gas emissions negatively affect the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a protective layer in the Earth's atmosphere that absorbs most of the sun's ultraviolet radiation. When certain gasses, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), are released into the atmosphere, they can break down ozone molecules, leading to a thinning of the ozone layer. This thinning allows more ultraviolet radiation to reach the Earth's surface, which can have harmful effects on human health and the environment.
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