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The lithe gymnast moved gracefully across the stage, captivating the audience with her fluid and elegant movements.

Answer: Graceful
"Lithe" describes a person or thing that is flexible, graceful, and easily bends or moves. It implies a nimble and agile quality, often associated with physical dexterity or suppleness. In the context of a person, it suggests an ability to move with ease and elegance, demonstrating a graceful and fluid motion.

The principal encouraged the students to economize their weekly allowances rather than wasting it on junk food.

Answer: Save
The principal encouraged the students to "save" their weekly allowances rather than wasting it on junk food. This means that the principal wants the students to be mindful of their spending habits and to prioritize saving money instead of spending it on unnecessary items like junk food. By saving their allowances, the students can develop good financial habits and potentially use the saved money for more important or beneficial purposes in the future.

The lamb was very feeble whereas the lion was very strong.

Answer: Weak
The word "weak" accurately describes the lamb in comparison to the lion, as it implies a lack of strength or physical power. This is supported by the statement that the lamb was feeble, further emphasizing its lack of strength. The other options, "small" and "tall," do not directly convey the same meaning as "weak" and are not as suitable in describing the lamb's physical condition.

Nelson Mandela finally received his freedom after spending several years in captivity.

Answer: Prison
Nelson Mandela's freedom was granted after being held captive for a significant period of time. The word "prison" indicates a place of confinement and imprisonment, which aligns with the context of Mandela's situation. It suggests that he was released from a prison facility, marking a significant milestone in his life.

The detective ruled that Kaycee's death was unintentional.

Answer: Accidental
The detective concluded that Kaycee's death was accidental, meaning that it was not intentional or deliberate. This suggests that there was no evidence or indication that someone purposely caused her death. Instead, it implies that her death occurred unintentionally, possibly as a result of an accident or unforeseen circumstances.

The actor died in a car accident, so the producers had to sign in a lookalike.

Answer: Doppelganger 
The correct answer is "Doppelganger". A doppelganger refers to a person who looks remarkably similar to someone else. In this scenario, the producers had to sign in a doppelganger because the actor died in a car accident. The doppelganger would resemble the actor and could potentially replace them in the production.

Did the veterans who fought for their country fade away in time?

Answer: Forgotten 
The word "forgotten" is the correct answer because it best fits the context of the sentence. The sentence suggests that the veterans fought for their country but eventually faded away or were not remembered over time. This implies that they were forgotten by society. The other options, "died" and "martyred," do not convey the idea of being forgotten specifically.

They tortured him both physically and mentally but still couldn't break him apart. He was Iron Man.

Answer: Strong
The given answer "Strong" is the most appropriate explanation for the statement. The description of the person being tortured both physically and mentally, yet not being broken apart, suggests that he possesses a strong resilience and determination. The term "Iron Man" further emphasizes this strength, implying that he is unyielding and tough. Therefore, the word "Strong" accurately captures the essence of the person's character in this context.

He was much more agile than the slower one.

Answer: Flexible
In the sentence "He was much more agile than the slower one," the word "agile" is best defined as "flexible." The context clue comparing him to "the slower one" indicates that agility refers to being quick and nimble, as opposed to being slow. Therefore, "flexible" is the most appropriate synonym for "agile" in this context.

She was pirouetting beautifully but the other girl couldn't spin at all.

Answer: Spinning
The correct answer is "Spinning" because the sentence states that "she" was pirouetting beautifully, which implies that she was spinning gracefully. On the other hand, the other girl couldn't spin at all, indicating that spinning was the action being described in the sentence.
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