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By default, AutoCAD has the following workspaces.

Answer: 2D Drafting & Annotation3D ModelingAutoCAD Classic
AutoCAD has multiple workspaces that users can choose from based on their preferences and needs. The given answer lists the default workspaces in AutoCAD, which are 2D Drafting & Annotation, 3D Modeling, and AutoCAD Classic. These workspaces cater to different design tasks and provide specific tools and settings to enhance productivity. The 2D Drafting & Annotation workspace is suitable for creating 2D drawings and annotations. The 3D Modeling workspace is designed for creating 3D models and visualizations. The AutoCAD Classic workspace provides a familiar interface similar to older versions of AutoCAD for users who prefer a traditional setup.

Which Key do you press to cycle through the available snap points?

Answer: Tab
To cycle through the available snap points, you press the Tab key. The Tab key is commonly used to navigate between different elements or fields within a window or application. In this context, pressing Tab allows you to move sequentially through the snap points, which are specific locations on the screen where windows or objects can be "snapped" or aligned.

One of the below options is wrong about the type of AutoCad drawing units. Which one is it?

Answer: Millimeter
The given options represent different types of AutoCad drawing units. Architectural and Engineering are commonly used types of units in AutoCad. Decimal is also a valid type of unit that represents measurements in decimal format. However, Millimeter is not a valid type of unit in AutoCad. This suggests that Millimeter is the wrong option among the given choices.

Object snap tracking works in combination with object snaps to enable you to temporarily acquire and track up to how many points?

Answer: Seven
Object snap tracking allows you to temporarily acquire and track up to seven points in combination with object snaps. This feature is useful when you need to align objects precisely or when you want to create objects at specific distances or angles from existing points. By enabling object snap tracking, you can easily reference multiple points while drawing or editing objects in a CAD program.

If you need the text to be reversed, when you mirror the text, then you need to set:

Answer: MIRRTEXT to 1
Setting MIRRTEXT to 1 will allow the text to be reversed when mirrored. This means that when the text is mirrored, it will appear as a mirror image of the original text, with the letters flipped horizontally. By setting MIRRTEXT to 1, the software will recognize that the text needs to be reversed when mirrored and will apply the necessary transformation.

By selecting which one of the following, the objects on the layer are not visible and are not considered when the drawing is regenerated?

Answer: When you froze the layer
When you freeze a layer in a drawing, the objects on that layer become invisible and are not considered when the drawing is regenerated. Freezing a layer is a way to temporarily hide objects without deleting them. This can be useful when you want to focus on other layers or when you want to reduce the complexity of the drawing by hiding certain elements.

The following are some of the properties and settings that you can save in a layout, except _____________.

Answer: Line weight
In a layout, you can save properties and settings such as plot scale, paper size, and drawing orientation. However, you cannot save the line weight in a layout. Line weight refers to the thickness or width of lines in a drawing, and it is typically set within the drawing itself rather than the layout.

How can you change the viewport scale in AutoCAD?

Answer: Selecting the viewport and setting the scale from the status bar
In AutoCAD, the most straightforward way to adjust the viewport scale is by interacting directly with the viewport itself. After activating the viewport by clicking inside it, you can easily change its scale using the dropdown scale list that appears on the status bar. This list allows you to choose from standard or custom scale factors, ensuring that your drawing is displayed at the desired size. This method provides precise control over the display of your design within the viewport, facilitating both detailed work and overall layout reviews.

What happens when you set VPROTATEASSOC System Variable to 0?

Answer: When a viewport is rotated, the view inside is not rotated.
When the VPROTATEASSOC System Variable is set to 0, it means that the view inside a rotated viewport will not be rotated. This means that even if the viewport itself is rotated, the content inside the viewport will remain in its original orientation and will not be affected by the rotation of the viewport.

With the Multiline Text editor, you can do all of the following, except:

Answer: Insert pictures
The Multiline Text editor allows users to perform various tasks such as inserting numbered and bulleted lists, inserting specific drafting and engineering symbols, and creating fields such as date, time, and author. However, it does not allow users to insert pictures.
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