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What does the word 'haughty' mean?

Answer: Proud
"Haughty" describes someone who is arrogantly superior and disdainful, showing an attitude of superiority and contempt for people or things perceived to be inferior. It is synonymous with being proud in an arrogant manner. Therefore, the correct answer is "Proud."

What is the past tense of 'put'? 

Answer: Put
The past tense of "put" is "put". This is the correct answer because "put" is an irregular verb, meaning it does not follow the typical pattern of adding "-ed" to form the past tense. Instead, the word remains the same in both present and past tense.

Fill in the blanks- I eat _____ apple every morning.

Answer: An
The correct answer is "An" because the word "apple" begins with a vowel sound, specifically the sound of the letter "A". In English, we use "an" before words that start with vowel sounds, and "a" before words that start with consonant sounds. Since "apple" starts with a vowel sound, we use "an" in this sentence.

'Its my first time playing football.' Which word is incorrect? 

Answer: Its
The word "Its" is incorrect because it should be "It's" with an apostrophe. "It's" is a contraction of "it is" or "it has," while "Its" is a possessive pronoun indicating ownership.

What does the word "delight" mean?

Answer: Joy
"Delight" refers to a feeling of great pleasure or happiness. It is synonymous with joy, indicating a positive and pleasurable emotional response. Therefore, the correct answer is "Joy."

Unscramble 'ulipp'

Answer: Pupil
The correct answer is "Pupil." The word "ulipp" can be unscrambled to form "pupil," which is a noun referring to a student in school. The other options, "pipul," "liupp," and "lipup," do not make any meaningful words. Therefore, "pupil" is the correct unscrambled word.

What does faint mean?

Answer: Barely perceptible
Faint refers to something that is barely perceptible or difficult to notice. It implies a very faint or weak presence, making it hard to detect or see clearly.

Pick the incorrect word: Yesterday I play basketball with my friends.

Answer: Play
The word "play" is in the present tense, but the sentence is referring to an action that took place in the past, as indicated by "Yesterday." Therefore, the correct past tense form "played" should be used. The corrected sentence is: "Yesterday I played basketball with my friends."

Pick the word that means - making (someone) a little angry. 

Answer: Annoy
The verb "annoy" refers to causing slight irritation or making someone a little angry. It is often used to describe minor irritations or nuisances. "Anger" implies a stronger, more intense feeling of displeasure, while "slant" and "curse" do not relate to causing anger in this context. Therefore, the correct answer is "Annoy."
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