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Most writers find what they're good at, and stick to that genre. Some writers are so talented, however, that they like to challenge themselves by writing in multiple genres. Zola Helen Ross was Queen among such writers, creating much loved books in crime, mystery, thrillers, children's writing, and westerns. She even adopted different pen names, but the one thing that never changed was the high quality of the books she produced.
If you've read more books by her than any other author, then put your knowledge to the test by trying our Zola Helen Ross quizzes. In which year was Zola Helen Ross born? What was the male pseudonym that Zola used for her western novels? At which University did she teach writing? Let's see if you can get the right answers.

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    What was the name of Mary Queen of Scots private secretary who was stabbed 56 times by Lord Darnley

Zola Helen Ross Questions and Answers