Zinedine Zidane Quizzes & Trivia

Many of us grew up watching him play football. His unique skill on the football field has impressed millions of people everywhere and has brought France a World Cup title. Zidane is retired now but his legacy carries on and we want to be amongst those that do that by dedicating entire quizzes to him. So gather around all of you football fanatics and show us what you know.

Here are some samples: Zinedine Zidane was born in France but he is actually of what origin? What was the name of the preeminent Italian football club for which Zidane played in the 90s? How much did Real Madrid pay for Zidane when they transferred him? If these are too easy for you then you should move on to the main quizzes and see how good you are there. Do you have what it takes?

Today is one of the most influential footballers in the world, Zinedine Zidane's birthday. Take up our quiz to find out how much do you know about him.   

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  • Sample Question
    What is Zidane’s nickname?

Zinedine Zidane is a french professional football coach and a former football player who last manage Real Madrid, french pronounciation his name "Zinedin Zidan", he was born 23 June 1972 in marseille france,his nikename...

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  • Sample Question
    How many serial A league championship did Zidane won for Juventus?