Zach Braff Quizzes & Trivia

Put on some scrubs and take these quizzes on actor Zach Braff! As subtly hinted, Braff is best known for his role on the television series, “Scrubs,” for which he was nominated for a prestigious award. Can you identify the award for which he was nominated? He has also done some theatre acting, but do you know which plays he has starred in?
As well as acting, Braff also has experience directing and screenwriting. He has won numerous awards for his directing work, and has even funded a film called “Wish I Was Here” with a Kickstarter campaign. Can you name other films that Braff has directed or wrote? These quizzes will test your knowledge of Zach Braff and his cool career.

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  • Sample Question
    Who plays the main character on TV's "Scrubs"?

This American actor and producer is well-known for his roles in comedies and most of the teen movies of the early 2000's. He is funny, talented, and very versatile. He is not to be presented anymore, as you've probably seen his...

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  • Sample Question
    What is Zach Braff's full name?