Woody Allen Quizzes & Trivia

If you heard about a director who came out with one movie every year for over 20 years you would probably think that the movies were short films or you would just think that the director was Woody Allen. One of the most prolific screenplay writers in Hollywood, Woody Allen has been in the public eye for decades but even he has secrets.

For example, the director and actor is well-known for his neurotic persona developed for his stand up comedy routine and accompanying stage name but do you happen to know what his real name is? And of course Allen is known for being an Academy Award winning director, but do you know what musical instrument he plays professionally? Allen’s personal life has been the subject of the tabloids for years, but what do you really know about his romantic relationships? Now is your chance to find out and take the Woody Allen quizzes!

Find out more on this ageless and one of the most respected Hollywood actor Woody Allen.

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  • Sample Question
    What 1982 film marked Woody Allen's first collaboration with Mia Farrow?

Take the quiz to test your knowledge about Woody Allen

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  • Sample Question
    In "Hollywood Ending", the main character suffers from what ailment?

Test your knowledge of all things relating to Woody Allen.

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  • Sample Question
    What movie directed by Woody Allen starred Ian Holm and Gene Hackman?