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Werewolves. One of the classic beasts of horror, until recently, when they have reemerged as antiheroes in popular film and fiction. One such example is Wolfblood - a British fantasy television series aimed at teenagers. The series largely focuses on the teens Maddy and Rhydian as they must lead double lives as wolfbloods, hiding their true identities from the world.
How much do you know about the wolfbloods? How is Rhydian tamed? Why does Maddy leave the town of Stoneybridge? Who are the members of the wild pack? What dangers do they bring? What is Liam’s connection to the wolfbloods? Who is Jana and where do her loyalties lie? Get ready for your own transformation, as trivia expert, with these quizzes on the series Wolfblood. 

Wolfbloods have lived amongst us for centuries, disguising heightened senses & abilities and the majority of them blending in. Maddy's family was the only one in Stoneybridge until others started joining in and causing...

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  • Sample Question
    Do you like to run through the woods with your friends?

Take this quiz to find out if you are a true Wolfblood fan.

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    What is the two main characters names?

If you take this quiz you will really see if you are a wolfblood!!!

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    Do you luv to run in the woods?

Ever wanted to know which character you are from the BBC television show Wolfblood? Find out which character you are, out of Rhydian, Maddy, Jana, Tom and Shannon!

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  • Sample Question
    Which character is your favorite?

Wolfblood Questions & Answers

What is your hair color?
I have brown hair so does maddie so why should i have blonde hair so i got this question wrong because i was honest that makes no sense and it says be honest
What is the missing word(s)?We are Wolfblood's not _________?
I spelt Werewolfs wrong so i got the question wrong i spelt itwerewolfs thats just unfair