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This actress has played a girl that talks to ghosts, a girl who helps kill her friends and a girl who befriends a boy with scissors for hands. It could only be Winona Ryder and she has a long history of playing eccentric roles, but are you familiar with her other professional and personal endeavors?

Winona Ryder’s first movie was Lucas, but do you know which director saw that performance and ended up casting her in multiple projects? And although Ryder has many memorable roles, do you know for which movie she was nominated for an Academy Award? In her personal life, did you know Winona Ryder has never been married? And do you know which famous 1960’s icon her godfather is? You might think you know everything about the popular actress but you won’t know unless you take the quizzes.

This quiz is all about Winona Ryder!

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  • Sample Question
    What was Winona Ryder convicted of in 2002?

Winona Ryder Questions and Answers