Wild Horse Quizzes & Trivia

Wild horses can’t stop you from taking these quizzes! There’s a legend that says that there was a small town in the south western corner of the British Isle well known for copious amounts of wild horses. These horses were impossible to tame.

People from all over Britain tried but all had failed so they began to see this as a problem. Eventually the town died off, it remained only the phrase "Wild horses couldn't stop me" and it was used all over Britain.

What do you know about wild horses? We have a couple of questions for you: what do wild horses eat? Why do the wild horses stay in groups? How do you call a new born horse? Find out more interesting facts by taking our wild horse quizzes!
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    What does the word descendants mean in the sentence? Wild mustangs are descendants of the horses brought from Spain nearly 500 years ago.

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    What is the name of the people that are taking the horses out of the wild?