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Most people know this actor for his role in a string of vampire movies but he is also a competitive martial artist. This man can be none other than Wesley Snipes. The actor famously appeared in Michael Jackson’s video for “Bad”, which a well-known director saw and cast Snipes in two of his movies? Can you name the director?
Wesley Snipes has always been a versatile actor, known for his roles as action heroes as well as playing a baseball player and drug dealer, but in which movie does Snipes play a drag queen? In addition to his acting, Wesley Snipes may be best known for his conviction on tax fraud that sent him to prison, but do you know how long he spent there? Snipes has been in the public eye for decades but did you know that he considers South Korea a second home? Just being a Blade fan isn’t good enough if you want to take the Wesley Snipes quizzes!

You think you know all about Wesley Snipes.

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  • Sample Question
    On October 17, 2006, a warrant was issued for Wesley Snipes' arrest based on what?

Wanna know more about Wesley Snipes? Take this quiz now!

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    The mother of Wesley Snipes' two youngest children is which Korean painter?

Wesley Snipes: an American film director, actor, martial artist, and author. He is wildly known the Blade series, but what else do you know about this famous star? 

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  • Sample Question
    Which month was Wesley born?