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Wechat is a Chinese made application that lets the user connect with any companion they know who has the application irrespective of the operating system on their phone. The application offers clear calls to anywhere in the...

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    WeChat is a____multipurpose social media mobile application?


Wechat Questions & Answers

Does WeChat support video calling?
Yes, WeChat supports video calling. To use this feature, start in the chat window of the person you would like to have a video call with. You can do this by tapping on the video icon to make vide calls. WeChat also allows you to switch to voice call
Why is WeChat pay compared to VISA and MasterCard?
WeChat was developed in China by Tencent in the year 2011, and it had over one billion users’ by 2018, making it to be one of the world's biggest standalone Mobile Apps. It is a multipurpose messaging, mobile payment app, and social media. WeCh
Why is WeChat so popular in China?
There are many different apps to choose from. Some of them allow the users to post pictures, others allow the users to communicate by text or phone and others allow money to be exchanged. However, WeChat is the only one that allows all of those. Th
Why does WeChat have such a huge appeal in China?
The main reason for the success of WeChat in China is because it was created in China. Therefore, it would automatically have a huge appeal in China. Many people don’t realize that apps, devices and websites that have a huge appeal in one count