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He was one of football’s most important stars for many years in a row and he is still viewed as one of the best strikers in the English Championship right now. Wayne Rooney has won almost everything a football player could have won in a career and has led his team to great victories. Our Wayne Rooney trivia has some very important questions about the English players.

Here are a few of them. What team did Wayne Rooney play for before he got transferred to Manchester United? How much did Man United reportedly pay for him when they signed him? How many goals did Rooney score for Man United in the 2010-2011 Premier League season? Score the decisive goal for your team and find the correct answers.

Wayne Rooney is an English professional player who is very distinguished among a lot of other players for his ground breaking records for Manchester United especially. He was in Manchester United from 2004 to about 2017. Hehas...

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    When was Wayne Rooney born?

This quiz is great for a rainy day when your stuck at home with nothing to do.  

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    What is Rooney's birth date?

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    Which club did Wayne Rooney make his professional debut against on August 17, 2002?

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