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  • What Would You Do?You have been wandering around in the woods for hours, your getting tired, and you are very hungry. You spot a berry bush about 200 feet away. You don't know if you will make it there by the time the sun sets. You have already found the perfect place for a shelter for the night. What do you do?

  • What Would You Do?Your camp fire is going and you are finally warm. The only thing you need now is food. Hunger. It is ripping at you. Something ahead of you moves. It is to dark to see, but it could be food! Or it could be something that no has ever lived to see. What do you do?

  • What Would You Do?The wind blows and you don't yet have a shelter for the night. You are also tired, and dehydrated. There is a camp you know of about 1 mile away and the sun sets in 2 hours. What would you do? 

  • ______ goals are ones that you will achieve in the near future.
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  • Raching long term goals requires positive attitude.
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  • The letters SMART in a smart goal stand for...
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  • Would you use this instead of another product?
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  • In what 3 ways is this assessment tool better than the previous one?
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  • This product is cheaper than the other one
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  • You Love Fashion

  • You have a lovely boyfriend

  • I hate it when i see my ex in town with another girl