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  • There is a girl you like and she says she wants you to ask her out. you decide to take the chance and ask her out. she turns you down and says that's so sweet, but im currently not ready for a relationship What Is You're Reaction?
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  • You're At Home Reading a newspaper and you son walks in as always. He tells you he cant sleep and asks you to read him a story, a fairytale. What Do You Do?
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  • You're on the street and a the crush of your life randomly walks by and tells you she likes you. What Is Your Reaction?
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  • how many freinds do u have
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  • what is ur favorite
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  • what is ur hobby
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  • Are you a chilled-out-person

  • Are you the leader in you friendship

  • Do you love to work

  • do u like sam
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  • is carly hot
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  • is pokemon retarded
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