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Vocabulary Words Questions and Answers

  • 1.  John is unhappy with his marriage. He always _________________________ about hiswife and talks about getting a divorce.
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  • 2.  Jan uses ___________________________________ to explain her problems to herself.
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  • 3.  Our neighbor does not have a job.  She is  _______________________________.
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  • Complete the sentence with the correct vocabulary word.A racecar driver has to use many _________ to get in the front of the pack.
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  • An undercover spy needs to stay __________________ as part of his or her job.
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  • Someone who is ________________ of the weather forecast might not have an umbrella on a rainy day.
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  • I am going to the movies with my friends (female)
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  • ¿Adónde vas los fines de semana?
    Vocabulary words question from

  • ¿Dónde puedes nadar?
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  • RAM stands for ...
    Vocabulary words question from

  • ROM Stands for ...
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  • Any piece of hardware which is used to enter data or content into a computer system is a
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