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Vegeta is the antihero and a former villain in the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the Prince of the Saiyans and possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, the ability to fly, and the ability to shoot energy projections. Do you know who Vegeta marries, and the name of his son? In the beginning of the series, Vegeta is a villain who will stop at nothing to defeat Goku.
Later, Vegeta mellows out and becomes a family man and a hero. He is characterized by his gruff personality, sarcasm, and cold demeanor. For fans of the Dragon Ball franchise, fans should know a thing or two about Vegeta. Test your knowledge by taking one of our quizzes now!
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In the Dragon Ball franchise, Saiyans are an endangered extra-terrestrial race. They are aggressive by nature, and strive to be the strongest warriors in all of the universe. Which full blooded Saiyan one are you?

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