Vantage Point Quizzes & Trivia

The 2008 thriller Vantage Point made a respectable but moderate showing in the box office, but it has garnered plenty of fans in the video market. Did you know that in its opening weekend, it dominated the box office with a gross of nearly $23 million while the second place film, The Spiderwick Chronicles, brought in just over $13 million? Do you consider yourself to be a fan? In the film, US President Henry Ashton is shot.

Can you name the city he is visiting? Can you name the big name star who portrays onlooker Howard Lewis? If you named Salamanca Spain and Forest Whitaker, and then you really are a trivia star! If you think you can handle it, then check out some of our quizzes and see how high you can score!

Find out if you’re a real movie lover in this Vantage Point (2008) quiz

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  • Sample Question
    Thomas Barnes and Kent Taylor work for whom in "Vantage Point"?