V For Vendetta Quizzes & Trivia

Did you know V for Vendetta was adapted from a graphic novel? How about the effect of the Guy Fawkes masks, that are still used to today in a form of protest? If you think you’re a whizz, when it comes to this movie, then why not take these quizzes?
Released in 2006, this political thriller stars Hugo Weaving as a freedom fighter in a dystopian United Kingdom under a fascist regime. V for Vendetta is a popular film but you need to be a die-hard fan to get through these quizzes! Can you name the film in which John Hurt played a similar character to the one he portrays in V for Vendetta? Answer a range of tough questions, and challenge friends to beat you! Take these film quizzes now and share your score.

Let's see how much you know...

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  • Sample Question
    Who is the author of the "V for Vendetta" graphic novel?