Unfabulous Quizzes & Trivia

Unfabulous is an American children’s television show that debuted in the summer of 2004. Starring actress Emma Roberts as Addie Singer, the show focuses on a young teenage girl who writes songs about her life. Were you a big fan of the show?

If you’re up to date on all three seasons and love catching the reruns, these fabulous quizzes will be right up your alley.
On the television show Unfabulous, what is the name of Addie’s brother? Which two characters of the show were dubbed as “A.V. Geeks?”

Do you know what Duane Ogilvy and Marry Ferry ate on their first date? What was Chad’s nickname? Geena, Addie’s best friend had a boyfriend, what was his name? These Unfabulous quizzes are just dripping with juicy information about this fun Nickelodeon show. Try it for yourself today!

Have you ever watched Unfabulous? Well, I am an addict and this is a fairly long quiz to find out FOR SURE which character you are. Are you Addie, Gina, Zach, Maris, Cranberry, or Jake Behari?

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