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It’s no Pulp Fiction that the camera loves Uma Thurman. This American actress and model is no Dangerous Liaison, is she? A Boston native, she got the acting bug at a young age. Kill Bill is glad she did. Her modeling career also began early. Do you know the name of her first agency and how old she was when she signed?
Can you name the fashion houses that have used her as a spokeswoman? Henry and June won’t tell you. She really is one of the Beautiful Girls, but she isn’t afraid to fight for her life. Uma has won many awards and accolades. Can you name some of them? Have fun taking our Uma Thurman quizzes today. It may be a State of Grace if you score a 100%.

This quiz is all about Uma Thurman!

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    On "Seinfeld", whose phone number did Kramer write on Jerry's dry cleaning ticket?

Uma Thurman Questions and Answers

  • On "Seinfeld", whose phone number did Kramer write on Jerrys dry cleaning ticket?
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  • What delayed the start of the production of "Kill Bill: Vol 2"?
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  • In "Pulp Fiction" was the name of the TV pilot that Uma Thurman said she starred in?
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