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Ever seen the Disney movie, “The Princess and The Frog”? There was a jazz loving crocodile named Louis who knew how to play a trumpet! Weird or amazing? Speaking of trumpet, did you know that many jazz musicians became famous because of skills with the trumpet? Did you know that the trumpet has the highest register in the brass family?

If you know the trumpet quite well, then our quizzes are just for you! What are the common types of trumpets? The jazz musician Don Cherry was known for playing what type of trumpet? Can you differentiate the double tonguing and doodle tongue technique? Those are just some of the questions you’ll likely encounter with these quizzes. Enjoy our quizzes and fall in love to the tune of the classy trumpet!
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 Do you know your trumpet fingerings?

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    What is the fingering for a "c" natrual or concert b flat?


Trumpet Questions & Answers

What are trumpets made of?
Typically, trumpets are made of brass. This allows them to have the kind of sound that they need to have, since they’re known for their iconic sound. However, that’s not the only material that trumpets are made out of. Yamaha has made a f
Which is the world's most expensive trumpet?
The most expensive trumpet to have gone at an auction was one used by Dizzy Gillespie, quite appropriately named the Dizzy Gillespie Martin Committee trumpet. It sold for an impressive $55,000 dollars. However, the most expensive trumpet that can be
Who are the best trumpet players in the world?
There is a long list of trumpet players. However, it’s hard to widdle it down to one specific trump player for all of history. Generally, this is separated into two separate areas: classical trumpet and contemporary trumpet. When classic trumpe
How does the trumpet create sound?
The trumpet creates sound with the use of a few different things: the way you form your form on the mouthpiece, the buttons pressed down at any time, and how much air is being blown into the trumpet. That’s about as technical as anything on the
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