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Tootsie is a classic comedy drama that hails from America in 1982. This film follows a talent yet volatile actor whose reputation as a difficult man to work with forces him to pretend he is a woman in order to get a new job. Can you name the star of this film? If you said Dustin Hoffman, then you might really be a fan.

Most people do not know that this film is what landed Geena Davis her acting debut. It also includes names such as Bill Murray. The director and producer for the film was Sydney Pollack. If you know all about the Tootsie film, then complete one of our many quizzes online today and see how well you can do. 
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Did you know the name "Tootsie" was Dustin Hoffman's childhood nickname? Have you seen this very classic movie? Remind yourself about the movie as a whole and the characters by taking the quiz below. All the best.

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    Who directed the 1982 comedy, "Tootsie"?