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A young actor, dancer, and the most recent Peter Parker in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) films. He has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years for his various roles, most popular being our friendly neighbor...

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    How old is Tom Holland in 2020?

Are you a true Tom Holland fan? Take this quiz to see how well you really know him?

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    How old is he?

Tom Holland Questions & Answers

What is his real first name?
I'm sorry NO his name is Thomas Stanley Holland. I only got one wrong dude and that is because I hadn't seen that movie. BUT HIS NAME IS THOMAS!!!! HIS REAL NAME IS THOMAS NOT TOM. TOM IS A NICKNAME. UGH that makes me mad.
What is his real first name?
His real first name is Thomas Stanley Holland!! Not Tom! Tom is his diminutive!!!!
How old is Tom Holland in 2018?
D is the answer to this. Tom Holland was 22 years old in 2018, but a lot of people think that he is much younger because he looks young. If you do not know who Tom Holland is yet, you will probably recognize him when you watch the latest Spiderman mo
Which character did he play in the film, How I live Now?
Damn well retarded is what the person who made this quiz played