Throw Momma From The Train Quizzes & Trivia

Sometimes you can tell a movie is going to be funny just by looking at the title. Throw Momma From The Train is a great example, and movie goers weren't disappointed by this slapstick hitman comedy. The casting couldn't be better, with Billy Crystal trying to help Danny DeVito get rid of his interfering mother. It may not be in the best possible taste, but it certainly had film fans rolling in the aisles and was a huge commercial success.

    If you've seen it more than once, you should find out how much you remember by taking our Throw Momma From The Train quizzes. Who is Billy Crystal's character trying to get rid of? In which year was Throw Momma From The Train released? What kind of book do Owen and Larry produce together? Get the answers right, or you may have to take a train ride.

With a funny name like "Throw Momma from the Train", you are bound to want to check out a movie like this! Do you know the scenes in this comedic film? Think you got what it takes to ace a quiz on this movie? Take this...

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    "Throw Momma From the Train" is a comedy movie from the 80's. Who was this film directed by?

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    How many kids do I have?