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Two best friends, Thelma and Louise went on a road trip together. But what was supposed to be a vacation and pure relaxation turned out to be a tragic moment for them. While they stopped over a bar, a man tried to rape Thelma and Louise out of extreme anger shot dead the man. This film has received six Academy Awards Nominations. What award did they get?

One crime led to another for these two women. Their vacation turned out to be a total disaster. But on the sideline were short love affairs. Who did Brad Pitt sleep with in the movie? Was it Thelma or Louise? Were they able to go through all the crimes they did? Or was this a clear example of the saying “Crime does not Pay”? If you love this film, then it’s no question. Our quizzes will be that easy for you.
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    Who did Brad Pitt sleep with in the movie "Thelma and Louise"?