The War Of The Worlds Quizzes & Trivia

The Martians are coming! Yes, the War of the Worlds is about Martian invasion to planet earth. The movie stars Tom Cruise as a divorced father of two, struggling to build a positive relationship with his children. Then came the aliens, and his already torn life seems to fall into pieces all the more. All he wanted was to protect his kids but how can he? How did the Martians came to earth?

Martians are technologically advanced species but with an ancient civilization. Why do they want to leave Mars? How can our actor fight the Martians with all their ultra modern fighting machines. Imagine yourself fighting with their deadly heat ray? They even employ chemical warfare. Even the military can’t destroy them. It seems our main character will do a ran and hide tactic. Don’t miss the action. Tell us what you know by answering our quizzes.

Interested in some trivia on War Of The Worlds (2005)? Let's get kicking

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  • Sample Question
    Which actor played the main character Ray Ferrier in Steven Spielberg's version of "War of the Worlds"?

Find out if are on the Martains side or the Humans side.

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    Would you fight the martians?