The Terminator Quizzes & Trivia

Some have likened Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting in this movie to Olivier's in Henry V or Orson Welles in Citizen Kane. They had to say that, or else he'd have terminated them. What Arnie may lack in acting finesse, he more than makes up for in energy, action and pure unadulterated fun.

When he said 'I'll Be Back', we didn't know that he meant for the next fifty years, but who's complaining? If you've watched this great rollercoaster of a movie many times, then try our, The Terminator quizzes today. Can you remember who directed this 1984 sci-fi classic? Is Schwarzenegger’s cyborg trying to protect or kill Sarah Connor? Who is the real target? Get our questions right, or it's hasta la vista baby.

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  • Sample Question
    Which woman was the original "Terminator" sent back to kill?