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The Raven is a narrative poem which was made popular thanks to its author: Edgar Allen Poe. The poem was actually published back in 1845 and at the time well regarded for its stylized language, musicality, and for the supernatural atmosphere it creates.

The poem follows a talking raven that visits a distraught love, and traces the man’s fall into madness. The lover is later identified as a student who laments the loss of his love. The raven instigates his distress through regular use of the phrase “nevermore”. The poem makes multiple references to classical and folk poems too. If you are a fan of the work by Poe, and this piece in particular, see what you can remember by taking one of our many online quizzes. 

The ravens have been used in the Game of Thrones as messengers but they never brought good news to anyone. Ravens in Greek mythology they were considered a symbol for bad luck and messengers of the gods. Take up the quiz...

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    Choose a food:

People are always wondering what animal best describes them, what their spirit animal is, but today we’re looking to get down to the specifics, as not all members of an animal species act the exact same way....

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    Choose a food:

Read "The Raven," answer ?'s mentally, then take this timed quiz.

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    Where is the speaker at the start of the poem?

This is Mrs. Mahone's quiz for her 9th grade Honors English class. It covers and formatively evaluates students' application of skills and concepts learned through reading two narrative poems: "The Raven" and...

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    The setting of "The Raven" is the man's

How well do you really know Raven? This quiz was made after the first two books of the Scarab Beetle Series by C.L.StoneTest your knowledge!

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    Which temperature range does Raven prefer?

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