The Graduate Quizzes & Trivia

Who can forget the sight of Mrs. Robinson peeling off her stockings before a mesmerized Dustin Hoffman? There's more to The Graduate than that scene, although I don't blame you for playing it again. The movie is funny and moving in turns, and is, allowing for inflation, the 21st biggest grossing film of all time. Have you seen it again and again?
Are you looking for a Mrs. Robinson of your own? Then you'll love our The Graduate quizzes. Do you know the name of Hoffman's character? Where does he return to after graduating? What year was the film released in? Will you graduate with honors in these quizzes, or flunk a year? There's only one way to find out.

Test your knowledge on movie The Graduate (1967)

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    What major movie starred Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman?

Have you watched the graduate movie? This movie is a classic and shows that love finds you when you least expect it to. Just how much gig do you get to learn about the world and some of the things people go through from the...

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    Define the term Discourse.