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What's My Name', sang Joe Strummer once, but as the electrifying frontman of The Clash it wasn't long before the whole world knew his name. These London rockers were at the very head of the punk rock movement, but their incredible songs meant that they were much more than leather jackets, safety pins, and super fast guitars.
They brought funk, jazz and ska into punk music, and wore their political affiliation on their sleeves. If you loved The Clash, and you should, then take our The Clash quizzes today. The Clash lasted for just ten years, from when to when? Where did they come in Rolling Stones magazine's 2004 list of the greatest acts of all time? Where did they rock in their US top 10 hit? London calling, it's time for the questions.

Basically, this quiz tells you which member you are most like from the legendary punk band from the 70's, the clash.

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    What is being famous about?

How well do you know the classic 70's punk band the clash? Well, time to find out.

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    Which of these clash albums were produced by Guy Stevens?

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