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The Adventures of Odysseus is part of a book series known as Glyn Iliffe. There are three books in this series. Do you know the names of all three? Or perhaps just one? If you guessed The Gates of Troy, King o Ithaca, or The Armour of Achillis, then you are a big fan of the series. The final book is called The Armour of Achillis and it is actually the last book to be published. It was released in 2010. The three books are all written by Pan Macmillan and they all offer alternative views of the Odyssey and Iliad.

If you are a big fan of these books you should test what you remember about each and every one by completing one of our many online quizzes about these book and others. 

The book about the adventures of Ulysses takes us through the various lands and people that he and his crew meet as they take their journey back home. Were you captivated by this story and can now choose the truths from the...

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    Telemachus is killed in the battle against the suitors

Let's see if you paid attention! ;D

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    Why were the greeks punished?

Check your abilities....

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    Which word matches this definition?"A metal weapon with a handle and a sharp blade"

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