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Quiz on Chapter Seven in Textbook and readings from week six and the film, "The Spartans."

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    In early colonial times, education was aimed at

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    According to the text, what approach is the best approach to become a better critical thinker?  

This reviews Sections 3.1 and 3.2 of your textbook

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    When fossils are use to determine the relative age of layers of rock, it is known as

From the Textbook for EDCI 210; p 62-75

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    Which level of taxonomy requires higher-level thinking skills?

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Check all that apply.According to your reading, a well-cultivated thinker
Point out critical questions and problems, defining them with clarity and precision Collect and evaluate important information while thinking about it abstractly and thoroughly Draws conclusions and develops solutions based on evidence, criteria, and
Check all that apply. The best thinkers are those who…
Methodically reason their way through problems to solutions Ask questions Do not allow others to quantify their intelligence