Telescope Quizzes & Trivia

Whether you're a pirate, boy scout or all have one thing in common. You have to use a telescope! You might really have heard about telescopes before, but how much do you really know about them? Do you know your polishing stones from your lens polish? Do you know your hubble from your babble? Your Galileio from your pirate galley?

It's time to get real, to look through the questions and find the answers in the distance. Prepare to look through your telescope to answer these quizzes! Find the right answers and get the bearing for your next adventure! In here we have questions on lenses, space, stars, land and explorers! All you have to do is look for them!

Telescopes are a must have for any stargazer. It gives us a clear view that there is a lot of beauty to explore outside the earth. Do you believe that you know your telescope and some of its aspects? Give this quiz a try and...

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    What are telescopes used for?

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    Telescope domes are closed when the weather is bad.

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    Which countries have Skynet Telescopes?

Learn about the telescope!

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    Who was the first person to point the telescope to the sky?

Interactice Quiz on the Era of Space Telescopes

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    What was a common problem with ground telescopes, solved by creating space telescopes?

Telescope Questions & Answers

How do compound telescopes work?
Compoundor catadioptrictelescopesare hybridtelescopesthat have a mix of refractor and reflector elements in their design. ... The Schmidttelescopehad a primary mirror at the back of thetelescope, and a glass corrector plate in the front of thetelesco
What is an Altazimuth mount?
Mounts are used to hold telescopes into place. Then the person can adjust and move the telescope to focus on the faraway object. The mount is just as important to think about when purchasing a telescope. There are many different kinds of mounts. One
What is a refracting telescope?
When people think about using or getting a telescope, most often it is a refracting telescope. The refracting telescope uses a refractor lens which makes sense. A refracting telescope has light come into the lens and the lens takes in the light and f
What are mounts?
Mounts are often purchased when someone purchases a telescope because they need to place the telescope on something in order to get it to work. Telescopes are not light in weight; they are quite heavy. People couldn’t work the telescope by h