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When you're a star football player you get used to the adulation, and the power, but what do you do when that career comes to an end? In the case of Steve Largent, it means that it's time to put something back into community. A star on the football field he also became a star in the world of politics. Did you used to cheer him on for the Seattle Seahawks, only to find yourself later voting for him at the polls? If so, then you really must try our Steve Largent quizzes.

In which year did Steve Largent win both the Bart Starr and Walter Payton awards as man of the year for his footballing prowess? What position did Steve Largent become a legend in? Which state did he serve in the House Of Representatives? Get ready to receive our questions.

Do you know who Steve Largent is? Take this quiz dedicated to him and find out how much you really know!

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    What is Steve's full name?

Steve Largent Questions and Answers

  • What is Steve's full name?
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  • What is Steven famous for?
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  • Not only is he an American pro-football player, but also a what?
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