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Great philosophers help us understand more about the world we live in, and more about ourselves. One of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century, and one of the most relevant today, is Stephen Toulmin. Born in Britain, he made his home in Los Angeles. He was particularly interested in moral codes, and how ethics impact upon society.
Are you a keen scholar of philosophy, or maybe even a philosophy graduate? Let's see how you fare with our Stephen Toulmin quizzes. Which prestigious University did Stephen Toulmin graduate from in 1942? In which year did he publish An Examination Of The Place Of Reason In Ethics? In which year did he emigrate to the United States? No cheating, remember your morals.

To commemorate my old man 30th birthday, I have created an informative quiz. There are no trick questions.

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    This is NOT considered a Stephen classic:

Take the quiz! Show off your knowledge of Stephen and Melody.

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    What was Stephen's Childhood nickname?

Test your knowledge of Stephen Toulmin and his impact on rhetoric.

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    What is a major work that Stephen Toulmin wrote?

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