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Stephen Dorff is an American actor who has gained the respect of Hollywood at a young age. He has a large repertoire and his on screen credits are just as impressive as his off screen credits. He is considered one of the most respected young actors in the area today. Born in Atlanta, he has received many awards for his performances.

Did you know that he has a composer father and musician brother? Do you know that vintage items he collects? If you said “cameras” then you are right. See how much you know about this star by trying to list all of the locations where he has filmed. Put your fan knowledge to the test by taking one of our many quizzes today!

How much do you really know about Stephen Dorff?

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  • Sample Question
    Stephen Dorff won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Villain in 1999 for what movie?

.How well do you think you know Stephen Dorff, a man who was expelled from five schools, played the vampire boss in Blade and even had a short stint in the porn industry. Find out how much you know about him.Take the quiz.

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  • Sample Question
    Who did Stephen Dorff play in the 2003 film "Cold Creek Manor"?