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  • What is the first step to mummification?

  • Which Organs are taken out for the second step of mummification?

  • How is the brain taken out?

  • When used, Ladders, portable or otherwise, should receive special caution and safe handling to reduce the risk of potential slip, trip, and fall hazards and injuries.

  • The _________________ is responsible for providing basic orientation training to new employees and also awareness training materials to the Master for Safety Meeting/Training of crewmembers onboard the boat.

  • The Master is responsible and accountable for ensuring that periodic safety training is conducted to handle, deploy, secure, use, stow, etc., all ladders, Handrails, and Steps.

  • What are the standard colors and business attire women wear for the interview? 
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  •  What items should women be aware of before the interview? select all that apply!
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  • It is recommend to wear an unlimited amount of piercing to the interview.
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  • What is your favorite color?
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  • Close your eyes, then grab a random finger on your left-hand (or right-hand if you are left-handed). What finger did you grab?
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  • Look in the mirror. How would you describe your appearence?
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